Steps To fix Microsoft Outlook Error

Step To Resolve Microsoft Outlook Errors

What if the biggest feature of Microsoft Outlook i.e. sending or receiving emails stopped working?

What if you are not able to understand the error codes and messages appeared every time you tried to use the Outlook services?

How would you resolve all these errors unless you understand why they are occurring?

Here in this blog, we have come up with a comprehensive list of Top 9 Microsoft Outlook Errors & their meanings to understand why they’re occurring and how you can resolve them.

What Are the Meanings of These 9 Microsoft Outlook Errors?

Please go through the list and understand the actual meanings of major errors occurred with Microsoft Outlook.



Error #1 – Connection Declined

The error with the message ‘No connection could be made because the target machine refused it’ shows that either the target machine is invalid or its IP Address is incorrect.

Error #2 – 0x80070002

The Microsoft Outlook Error Code 0x80070002 appears while you try to set up a new Outlook email account.

The main reasons behind this error can be any of the followings –

  • The File Structure is corrupted.
  • The Directly where mail client is creating PST Files is inaccessible.
  • You already have an account set-up inside of the client.

Error #3 – 0x8004210B

 The Microsoft Outlook Error Code 0x8004210B can be appeared you try to send a mail using Outlook. This error code occurs when the SMTP address in the distribution list is either incorrect or corrupted.

Error #4 – 0x800CCC0

The error code 0x800CCC0 usually appears while any antivirus program was being enabled in Microsoft Outlook.

Error #5 – 0x800ccc19

This Microsoft Outlook error shows the time out situation and occurs when server doesn’t respond to the email properly.

Error #6 – 0x800ccc0d

The error code displays while the server could not be found. It can cause you issues in sending or receiving emails in Outlook.

Error #7 – Data Error

While you start Microsoft Outlook in new device, it fetches all the emails to your system. During this process, you may encounter a Data error than can occur due to PST File corruption and keeps you restricted from seeing any outlook message.

Error #8 – 0x8004210a

While the POP Server doesn’t respond the server requests, this error code is displayed on the screen with a Operation Timed Out message.

Error #9 – 0x800ccc0f

The Microsoft Error Code 0x800ccc0f occurs while the connection to the server was interrupted due to poor internet connectivity or any other reason. This error also restricts you from sending and receiving any new email message.

Are you facing any other error from the list? Please share the error code or displayed message. You may also call our Microsoft Office Support Toll-Free Number (Number) to get instant solution to your problem.

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