Troubleshoot Sending Email Issues with Outlook

Are you using hotmail email service for a long time? If you have been using email services then you might have faced problems with sending emails. There are sometimes when you send emails and it just shows error in sending them. It might cause a lot of inconvenience for you which can lead to several issues. If your daily work depends on your email services then you have to get some instant solutions. There can be several reasons as to why you might face such problems while sending emails. You might also notice that you can receive emails without any issues. So you have first found out what the problem is with your emails.

What can be the reason for Outlook  error?

There is a limit to the size of the email you can send or receive. So if you do not delete useless emails then it can completely fill your drive. It can lead to several other issues. That is why you have to make sure that you remove all the useless emails to empty the space. An email service provides up to 2GB of online space to store your data. That is why you have to use this space wisely to ensure a convenient experience.

How to resolve such issues with your emails?

You may try several things in order to resolve issues with your email services. These are some of the steps which you can follow to get rid of errors with sending emails.

  1. Go to accounts settings – First of all, you have to visit your email account and then go to the tools and select the settings option.
  2. Click on property settings – If you have multiple accounts on the device then you have to select the account in which you are facing such issues and then click on properties.
  3. Select the servers tab – Correct the name of the server by visiting the servers tab settings.
  4. Check the authentication – Now on the same tab, you have to look for authentication setting. This is very important for your email services. So check the box which has authentication settings.
  5. Ensure port settings – Now you have to correct the port setting which is generally 25 and 465 and save them.

If you follow these steps properly then you will not follow any problems with sending your emails. This way you can start doing your work again and will not face such issues again in the future.